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Auto dialer traffic welcome! Stop worrying about restrictions, penalties and hidden fees for your dialer termination. Work with industry leaders with over eight years of experience- built specifically for high capacity, short duration VoIP.

Dialer Termination Specialists
With a custom built system, we can handle virtually unlimited dialer termination at no extra cost to keep you running well. We offer up to 1,500 channels and 75 Calls Per Second to start and can ramp up to over 5,000 channels and 250 CPS in a matter of days at no extra cost!

Built to Suit Your Needs
Whether you are a carrier, call center, voice broadcaster or simply need high CPS, you will be in good hands. We understand every business is unique which requires vendors to be flexible. We’re here to work with you and cater to your unique business.Best of all, we allow you to test our wholesale dialer termination services for free!

High capacity dialer termination is not only accepted, but encouraged!

New Products Include: 

Wholesale SMS         LRN Services       DNC Wireless Scrubbing

• Free Test Account
• 24 – 48 Hour Start Up Time
• Billing on LRN or DNIS
• Prepay or Postpay
• Blended flat rate as low as $.0069
• NPA/NXX deck with full US footprint

• Nightly reporting of balance and traffic summary
• 6/6 Billing
• Download CDRs daily
• Self Manage Registered IP Addresses
• Multiple Codecs Supported
• No hidden fees or penalties
• No Commitments or minimums

How Can Our Dialer VoIP Termination Services Help You?

Focus on your customers, not your service provider.

  • Instantly Boost Your ROI

    Instantly Boost Your ROI

    We have been able to save customers up to 20-30% on their overall VoIP services while adding more capacity than they thought possible.

  • One on One Management

    One on One Management

    Work with an account manager who knows you and your company to maximize the quality of service.

  • 24- 48 Hour Start Up

    24- 48 Hour Start Up

    Get your free test account in a matter of hours! Once you're confident in the services, get signed up same day in most cases.

  • Simple Contracts, No Commitments

    Simple Contracts, No Commitments

    Nobody enjoys lengthy, confusing contracts. Our agreements are simple without any "Gotcha's". No minimums, no commitments and no penalties.

  • We Help You Grow

    We Help You Grow

    Why work with a vendor who limits your capacity? Start with 1,500 channels and 75 CPS- Increase at no additional fee in a matter of days.

  • 24 Hour Support

    24 Hour Support

    Don't wait days to get help. We offer 24 hour support to keep you up and running well. Between your Account Manager, Support and Customer Service- You will be in good hands.

What our customers are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

I'm so happy I found you guys. You make things simple and give us REAL customer service. Thank you for becoming one our favorite vendors.
CTO, VoIP Aggregator
You keep winning more and more of our traffic while reducing headaches. We have expanded many times over and you helped us get there.
Owner, Hosted Call Center Provider
It is vital for our business to keep our guys on the phones at all times. Your service and support has helped us achieve that.
CTO, Call Center

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